The National Federation of the Blind Community Service Division develops programs and coordinates activities and initiatives mostly through the work of committees and project coordinators. These coordinators and committee chairs, appointed by the president, serve as the point people for the exciting projects and programming that will break down the barriers and raise expectations for the blind in the world of community service.

There are eight individuals currently heading up committees or efforts. Some serve on the division’s board of directors, and some do not. As you hear from them, I highly encourage you to reach out to them, get to know them, and share with them your thoughts and ideas on the projects they are working on for this division. If you would like to chair a committee or head up a project yourself, please be in touch.

Service Engagement Committee

Dacia Cole, Chairperson

Description: The Service Engagement Committee works to get chapters of the NFB involved in community service. The goal isn't just to get our chapters involved as a group, but also to participate alongside our sighted friends and neighbors. This will allow us to break down the misconceptions about blind people and what we can and can’t do. Let’s get started!

Web Site/Blog Committee

Chris Parsons, Chairperson
(314) 973-5889

Description: The Web site/blog committee will be adding tons of great content to our Web site and blog and is looking for people who are interested in helping with these efforts. People who are interested in soliciting, writing, editing, and posting blog and Web site content and coming up with ideas for how to make the Web site and blog even better are welcome. People with or without technical expertise are encouraged to join this committee so that we may improve upon a good thing. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fundraising Committee

Jonathan Franks, Chairperson
(512) 569-2522

Description: The Fundraising Committee has the unique opportunity to help financially support the work of our division. Whether it is putting together a service project such as our Habitat build or supporting the work of a new and innovative program we might think of, a strong fundraising effort can truly strengthen the mission and goals of the division. What great ideas can we come up with? I look forward to working with you to find out and put the “fun” in fundraising!

Cards for Troops/Service Awards Committee

Tara Abella, Chairperson
(317) 507-7783

Community Service Awards Program

Description: This is a new program where members will chart their service hours and receive awards for achieving certain levels of service hours. The Committee is looking for individuals who would want to assist in the administration of this program.

Cards for Troops

Description: In order to support our troops, I am starting up a project where we will be writing letters of thanks around Veterans Day.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding one or both of these great new programs!

External Outreach Committee

Ronnie Bellomy, Chairperson
(817) 996-6228

Description: The External Outreach Committee’s primary goal is to reach out to Service organizations, universities, and blindness agencies to share the Community Service Division’s vision of blind people working alongside their sighted peers to give back while raising the expectations of the blind. Many hands and hearts will be needed to help us build the federation. We look forward to having you!

Membership Committee

Kyra Sweeney, Chairperson

Description: The membership committee is a great fit for anyone who loves interacting with people and coming up with creative ideas for activities. We will focus on, among other things, thinking of innovative ways to build the membership of this division and how to put those ideas into action. Come join us in making this happen!

Convention Service Project Committee

Tai Tomasi, Chairperson
(515) 710-4402

Description: During the 2016 Convention of the National Federation of the Blind, the division took part in a successful service project with Habitat for Humanity. We are excited to welcome Tai into the fold and encourage you to be in touch if you want to help make next year’s Habitat build bigger and better than the one we’ve recently completed.

Social Media

Johna Write, Coordinator
(706) 962-2613

Description: Social Media is an integral part of our daily lives, and the opportunity to connect with as many of our members and friends as possible is so important to what we want to accomplish. We are excited to have Johna join us. Johna brings energy and experience to our efforts on Facebook and twitter and is happy to hear from you should you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions.

We look forward to working together to break down the barriers to community service opportunities for the blind and to raise both the expectations of the blind and the spirits of our fellow community members.

Let’s get involved!